Stop skipping

SCOTRAIL stops skipping stations 

Cardross was one of the stations worst affected by stop skipping.

Pictures by Bill Heaney.

ScotRail has recorded the lowest rate of skip-stopping since records began – with just 0.1 per cent of services missing a scheduled stop on the North Coast Electrics line, which records all services running to and from Helensburgh and Balloch, in the period to 26 May 2018.

There were 6025 scheduled services on the North Coast Electrics line for the four-week period to 26 May and just nine recorded instances of skip stopping. For Cardross, this number was even lower, with just two instances of skip stopping out of 2020 scheduled services in the same period.  Historically there have been a significant number of reports of trains skipping stations on this line, with trains regularly skipping Cardross Station leaving hundreds of passengers stranded on platforms or at the wrong station with no alternative means to get home.

MSP Jackie Baillie said: “It is great news for passengers that the rates of skip stopping have decreased so significantly, with just 0.1 percent of scheduled services missing stops in the four weeks to 26 May this year. ScotRail have made a commitment to end skip-stopping, so I hope that this trend continues and passengers can rely on scheduled services stopping at their station. The previous reports of trains skipping Cardross had become all too familiar, hundreds of passengers had been left waiting at the platform or stuck on the train with services not stopping.”


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