New resort designation for Balloch is out of order, says activist

By Democrat reporter

Perrie Sid 10Community activist Sid Perrie is dismayed by the way the Flamingo Land planning application is being handled.

He claims that the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park Authority and Scottish Enterprise have conspired against the community in Balloch to make it almost impossible for them to oppose the £30 million leisure project.

The Park authority appear to have re-designated Balloch as the site for a leisure resort, which is probably the most contentious thing they have done in this whole debacle, says Sid, pictured above.

“This is very much not allowed to happen without wider consultation. It’s not the role of the National Park to decide this,” he added.

“It would mean they have control over collective bargaining, the wages people earn and much, much more.

“One good thing about it is if this comes to light during the inquiries and consultations currently taking place it could lead to the application being dropped altogether.”

Nick Kempe of Parkswatch Scotland claims the Park Authority have broken almost every rule in the book and that Scottish Enterprise has only one thing in mind.

That is to notch up a number of new jobs which they can claim as a success in their annual report.

Jackie Baillie MSP was in full agreement, as was Maurice Corry, the Tory MSP, Ross Greer and the two councillors on the panel at the White Church.

“For them, this is all about jobs, and the impact on the environment and on the residents is being totally ignored,” said Cllr Jim Bollan, of the Community Party.

Cllr Sally Page says there is no requirement for a development this size in Balloch and that the community would be better off without it.

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