Flamingo Land most recent plan.jpg 2

The Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park Authority pre-determination and hearing meeting, in respect of planning application number 2018/0133/PPP Flamingo Land, will be held on Tuesday, 24 September, commencing at 0930hrs (9.30am) at the Alexandria Parish Church (white church Balloch). This meeting is open to the public and for those who submitted an objection to this proposed development, provides an opportunity for you to speak to the planning board. You can only address the planning board, for which you are allocated five minutes, if you have submitted a formal objection… you should then complete a ‘Speaker Participation Form’…this will appear as a link on the email you receive from LLTNPA informing you of the meeting. For those who are having difficulty accessing the on-line proforma they are available from the front desk at the National Park, HQ in Balloch. Sam Paton and I completed ours today. We encourage everyone who has formally objected to the proposed Flamingo Land development to submit a ‘Speakers Participation Form’ this is your chance to present your reasons for objecting to Flamingo Land please ensure that you don’t miss this opportunity.

Alannah Maurer,  Save Loch Lomond

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