Clockwise – Keegan, McGarvey and Sturgeon.

By Bill Heaney
Two well-known social media commentators have made a blistering attack on First Minister Nicola Sturgeon as the General Election campaign gets underway.
Gerry Keegan is furious at Sturgeon for “claiming Scotland as her fiefdom” in an interview on breakfast TV.
He describes her as “a balloon” and claims that “at least 60% of the Scottish electorate would dispute that” she is what she claims to be.
Gerry McGarvey, who stood as a Labour parliamentary candidate in Shetland, vented his spleen not just on the First Minister, but on the whole Nationalist movement.
He said: “I’m not very good with fiefdoms, flags, feudal servitude or f@ckwittery…and in Ms Sturgeon we see the personification of all that is wrong with EVERY form of nationalist identity politics namely; arrogance, centralised governance, adherence to ideological purity by figurehead, misguided understanding of purpose and role of civic societal institutions, absence of intellectual and critical thinking, simplistic rationale, inflated sense of national significance, populist grandstanding political posturing, racism, xenophobia, inferior economic analysis, and promotion of divisive identity and cultural paradigms to the exclusion of other models as well as misinformation, disinformation, lies and deceit.”
It looks like the dirks are out and there will be blood in the hills and glens over the next six weeks as the campaigns become more and more personal, WHICH IS PAR FOR THE COURSE FOR 21ST CENTURY POLITICS.

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