Dunbartonshire Greens will contest both East Dunbartonshire and West Dunbartonshire seats at the general election, it has been confirmed.

The branch took the decision as it is clear no other party recognises the urgency of the climate emergency, which cannot wait for Brexit or independence.

Scottish Greens candidate for East Dunbartonshire, Carolynn Scrimgeour, said:

“Voters across the country must be given the chance to demand action on the climate emergency as it is the most pressing issue facing our country. I’m excited to run a positive Green campaign in East Dunbartonshire to say we need action, not words, to prevent irreversible climate change.

“We’re as committed as ever to ensuring Scotland’s future as an independent country in the European Union, but change to protect our planet cannot wait, and the Scottish Green New Deal we’ve proposed can start that action now”.


He thinks for a moment. “Genuinely, I think the internet and the smartphone have been a disaster for civilisation,” he says. “I think it would be very helpful for us to see it as a disaster, see it as something like nuclear weapons or . . . I was going to say the invention of heroin, but morphine is a wonder drug, so there’s an upside to heroin which I really can’t f**king see with the internet. It’s easier to get taxis, but that’s it. It’s addictive. It changes the nature of discourse in a horrible way. What was billed as the democratisation of knowledge has turned into the death of truth.” … More DISHONESTY IS THE SECOND BEST POLICY


Golden Jubilee National Hospital Clydebank From Monday 11 November 2019 until Summer 2022, all patients and visitors using cars or other vehicles will need to access the Golden Jubilee National Hospital Clydebank entrance at Agamemnon Street only. This is because the link road between the hospital and the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel will be closed … More GOLDEN JUBILEE HOSPITAL PARKING ALERT


A councillor in Glasgow once asked me to help him put a press release together. “Give me your notes then and I’ll do that for you,” I said. “Aw naw, I don’t waant yet tae write it fur me son, jist tae gees a haun wae the wee curly bits.” – Bill Heaney … More PUNCTUATION