From Petra McMillan on Mount Everest

Petra McMillan and pal Jenni on top of the world.
Wish you were here?

Physical challenge aside, endurance winter trekking in Nepal presents a colourful collection of obstacles; long-drop toilets, shed-style accommodation and like it or lump it food.
Luckily our team of 27, from all corners of the UK, are a fairly resilient bunch, but now at 4400 metres and with temperatures plummeting, we’ll need all the mettle we can muster to make it to base camp on Monday.
Again Jenni and I thank you for pushing us on. It’s really keeping us focused.

Petra for Marie Curie Nurses in Namaste.

There were plenty of comments pouring into The Democrat about our intrepid climbers.

Emma George Ingram said: “You looking great girls, looks like Petra is carrying all the stuff ❤️.”
Iona Hopkins said: “What an adventure for you all. Let’s hope all our children are adventurous and prepared to take on these immense challenges….super proud of you all and sharing your photos…huge hugs Iona x x ❤️.”
And, inevitably,  Tara Malik had this to say about that toilet, WHICH IS ABOUT 100FT BELOW THE SEAT: “ Wow – love that toilet!! An experience one will never forget 💕.”

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