Dear Editor,

Bellsmyre from Garshake

Large swathes of land are being sold off by the Council. Picture by Bill Heaney

The SNP Council are taking part in the sale of the century by selling of  large swathes of valuable land assets many of which should be retained in public ownership for building Council Houses on, in future years.  The IRED Committee will discuss these sales on November  20.

This bonanza sale will see many prime sites sold for private housing developments when we should be land banking these sites to help reduce the housing waiting list which stands at over 3,000 applicants either waiting for a council house for the first time or for a transfer to a more suitable home to meet their families needs, regarding medical issues overcrowding etc.

This is a short sighted get rich policy which will leave the Council short of affordable land for our own pressing needs of tackling the huge housing waiting list.

The SNP have always been a free market party and it appears the local SNP Council are applying this policy with gusto.

Cllr Jim Bollan,  Community Party, West Dunbartonshire.

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