Petra McMillan reporting from Everest Base Camp

We made it!  I am delighted to report that all 27 trekkers made a safe ascent and descent yesterday to Everest base camp at 5364m.
Our feat is all the more precious since last week we lost a Marie Curie trekker from the UK.

Then, this week, the team just ahead of us from the UK had to evacuate three members of their team off the mountain.

No amount of training can prepare you for the effects of altitude sickness and though all of us are suffering to various degrees, we all feel hugely grateful to be safe, well and now in the midst of our three day walk out of the Khumbu valley.

Jenni Samson (that’s her in the picture with me) and I thank you again for all your support, kind messages and love.
Only 30,000 people annually are fortunate enough to witness the raw and mighty beauty of Everest and we still can’t believe we’re in that club.

Petra’s sister, Gwen Erika Hunter, was absolutely delighted.

She sent a message of congratulations.  What a stamp to put on your life’s passport! You guys are amazing. Petra McMillan we are immensely proud of you for overcoming all the obstacles to make the trek! Mama must have been kicking your butt all the way 😂. My incredible sister ‘Action Girl’  🌟❤️💪 xxx”

And to the rest of these Marie Curie super heroes, she added: ” Well done everyone. Jenny Samson you are awesome – think of all the fantastic tales you will have to tell your little ones. Move over Indiana Jones.”

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