Martin Dochety Hughes MP

Favourite to win – Martin Docherty Hughes speaking in the House of Commons.

By Bill Heaney

Martin Docherty-Hughes is a long odds-on favourite to win West Dunbartonshire for the SNP in the General Election on December 12.

The six candidates have been revealed for the West Dunbartonshire seat, which is Clydebank, Vale of Leven and Dumbarton, at next month’s General Election.

Martin Docherty-Hughes, who has represented the constituency since 2015, will be standing for re-election.

The appalling performance by the cack-handed, scandal-racked SNP administration on West Dunbartonshire Council hasn’t put him off throwing his hat in the ring again.

Meanwhile, the Scottish Green Party’s candidate has been revealed as Peter Connolly and the Liberal Democrats candidate is Jenni Lang. 

Labour’s Jean Anne Mitchell with Jeremy Corbyn and Alix Mathieson, of the Conservative Party.

The Labour Party candidate fighting to serve the people of West Dunbartonshire is Clydebank-reared Jean Anne Mitchel, and the Tory candidate is Alix Mathieson, a 28-year-old mother of two from East Dunbartonshire.

Only one of the six candidates lives in West Dunbartonshire. Andrew Muir, who will run as an Independent, is listed as a resident of Dumbarton.

Mr Muir, who campaigns on mental health issues, has clashed with the SNP councillors in Dumbarton on a number of issues.

Full details of polling stations can be found at West Dunbartonshire Council’s website.

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