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This is the SNP at their hypocritical worst (see above). They pretend they want parties and newspapers to express opposition to their opponents’ views in a moderate, respectable manner. The SNP have banned The Democrat and cut off our media release service because they think we are biased against them, which is true to a degree. Unlike them and their £500,000 a year communications operation, we don’t spin, we stir. We challenge them, which is our right any in a democracy. However, West Dunbartonshire is not a democracy. It’s SNP territory. They don’t know what they are doing. Amateur doesnt cut it. Yesterday, they leafleted in Lib Demo Jo Swinson’s East Dunbartonshire seat. They were taken to court and the Lib Dems won. They’ve had to take their lying leaflets away and hopefully burn them. Let’s say we don’t think their administration at West Dunbartonshire Council has been a success. We disagree with much (most) of what they are doing here. Let’s say we know  their leader, Cllr Jonathan McColl is a LIAR because some allegations he made very publicly against our editor were blatantly untrue. He also called Labour’s David McBride a liar and had to apologise for that. Let’s say we think the SNP are not fit for purpose. Let’s say we believe they were shown up for what they are when Andrew Neil reduced Nicola Sturgeon’s arguments for an independent Scotland to pie in the sky in an interview the other night. As for the Council itself, with no democratic mandate, the allegedly unbiased officials have banned and boycotted our (your) 21st century digital platform to bring news and features of interest to the people of West Dunbartonshire, while other media companies have withdrawn from the main towns here. They have run away. There’s loyalty for you. It seems they are all about money. Their money. We have been treated unfairly by the Council and have made a complaint to Standards Commission in Scotland. The Council have made a very public fuss out of reporting Cllr Jim Bollan to the same regulatory body.  We intend to take our own case forward and to support Cllr Bollan, who has done so much to expose how rotten our local authority is, rotten to the core. I trust the public will support us in our attempt to bring these people to book. The Editor

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