Lifebelts costing £8,000 thrown in the river

Glasgow rescue boat
GLASGOW HUMANE SOCIETY been checking the extent of the damage

A vandalism spree has seen 25 lifebelts put out of action in one night in Glasgow.

Glasgow Humane Society said checks on Sunday morning revealed the belts had been thrown into the Clyde.

Six life line ropes were found to have been cut in the area close to St Andrew’s Cathedral near the centre of Glasgow.

New life-saving equipment had been installed in the last few months as a cost of £8,000.

George Parsonage of the humane society said: “It’s absolutely disgusting… that could be your wee sister, mother or friend who accidentally falls in the river and can’t be helped.”

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A discarded lifebelt in a sunken boat in the River Leven at Dumbarton Quay.

Picture by Otto Eastbrook

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