Baillie 9By Democrat reporter

Scottish Labour MSP Jackie Baillie is bidding to ensure a new consumer body can help people with product recalls.

The SNP Government is proposing to establish a new body, Consumer Scotland, as a result of new powers over consumer advocacy and advice being devolved to Holyrood.

Baillie, pictured right, is proposing a “Whirlpool amendment” to the Bill to ensure that Consumer Scotland has a role in coordinating and disseminating information around major recalls of faulty products.

Earlier this year Whirlpool were forced to recall faulty tumble dryers and just this month they have started to recall faulty washing machines. In many cases the machines had caused significant household fires. Consumers have had difficulty getting information from the Whirlpool website to arrange to have their machines removed and many people remain unaware of the problem.

Labour MSP for Dumbarton and Lomond, Jackie Baillie, said:  “People across Scotland have had problems with faulty products this year, and the anxiety of a faulty appliance that is potentially dangerous is a real problem.

“That’s why the new Consumer Scotland body should have a role co-ordinating information around faulty product recalls. This will make sure that information on product recalls will be available in one place, making it easier for the consumer.

“This agency is being proposed by the Scottish Government as a result of powers devolved to the Scottish Parliament. It’s essential it has a role that adds value to consumers. This is one clear way it could add benefit.”

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