Women in Journalism Scotland are encouraging amazing women journalists to enter the Scottish Press Awards to redress the gender balance

By our count, in 2017, there were 64 men shortlisted for individual awards at the Scottish Newspaper Society’s Scottish Press Awards, and just 18 women. In 2018, 56 men were shortlisted compared to 18 women. In 2019, there were 64 men to 18 women.


NB. These figures do not include the Nicola Barry award which was set up in 2018 and is only open to women journalists.

At Women in Journalism Scotland we know of hundreds of talented women journalists right across Scotland who should be recognised for the high quality of work they produce, but who don’t put themselves forward for these types of awards.

The period following Christmas and New Year can be a financial struggle for many. We want to help to remove barriers for women who might be put off nominating themselves because of the entrance fee, and are offering to cover the cost of ten women entries into any categories other than the Nicola Barry award.

To enter the lottery for having your fees covered by Women in Journalism Scotland, email wijscotland@gmail.com.

We’ll let the winners know on 11 January.

We are too often our own worst critics and often reticent to put ourselves forward thinking that our work isn’t ‘good enough’. But it’s vital that women enter these awards, across all categories, to redress the balance, recognise the incredible women in journalism of Scotland and to inspire young women to become journalists, changing the male-dominated nature of the industry.

That’s why we’re also asking people to nudge women journalists to enter, using the following template tweet:

I think @XXX should win the YYY category at the Scottish Press Awards for her work: ZZZ


We can also provide support. If you’re considering entering but not sure which of your articles to submit, get in touch and we’ll happily provide a sounding board.

For full information on the awards and how to enter, visit the Scottish Newspaper Society website.

The categories available for individuals to enter are:
  • SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHER of the Year Winner and Runner Up
  • YOUNG JOURNALIST of the Year 
  • INTERVIEWER of the Year
  • Political Journalist of the Year
  • Columnist of the Year
  • SPORTS COLUMNIST of the Year
  • Sports Feature Writer of the Year
  • Sports News Writer of the Year
  • Financial/Business Journalist of the Year
  • Feature Writer of the Year
  • PODCAST of the Year
  • VIDEO of the Year
  • Scoop of the Year
  • Reporter of the Year

About the Nicola Barry Award

Nicola Barry 1-1.jpeg

Nicola Barry was one of Scotland’s most successful and best known journalists and authors. She died in January 2017 at the age of 66. In a career spanning over 40 years, Nicola won around 30 UK and Scottish press awards, mainly writing about social issues. She won Columnist of the Year while at the Press & Journal in three consecutive years. Nicola worked for almost all Scotland’s main newspapers, including the Edinburgh Evening News, the Scotsman, the Scottish Sunday Express, the Daily Record and the Press and Journal. She was Editor of The Big Issue. During her career as a newspaper columnist and features writer, Nicola was driven by a passion to help the underdog, to give a voice to those who had none.

The Nicola Barry Award is open to all women journalists of any age working in print and online media in Scotland deserving of recognition for their work in issue-led reportage or commentary. This reflects the late Nicola Barry’s passion for standing up against injustice in the workplace and in the wider world through her writing.

This annual prize was first presented at the Scottish Press Awards in 2018. It goes to the journalist whose submissions most effectively highlight injustices, curbs on freedom or other forms of discrimination. These were topics Nicola regularly confronted in her life as a journalist. The award came about after Nicola’s husband, Alastair Murray, approached Women in Journalism Scotland’s committee asking if it could explore ways of ensuring his late wife’s legacy in journalism would continue while supporting other women in the profession.

It was won in 2018 by Dani Garavelli and in 2019 by Karin Goodwin




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