Cllr Diane Docherty and colleagues cut the first sod on the new housing site at Aitkenbar Primary School, which has now been demolished.

By Democrat reporter

Work to build 55 affordable and stylish new Council homes on the site of a former primary school in Dumbarton is underway.

The 1.9 acre site – which used to house Aitkenbar Primary School before it was demolished in 2016 – is being transformed into mixed housing, including 24 one-bedroom flats; two, three and four-bedroom semi detached houses and four-bedroom detached homes.

The development will also have two accessible three-bedroom bungalows available.

Tenants living at the new development will benefit from a community garden, which will include a seating area, shrubbery and artwork designed in partnership with local schools and an artist.

A new tree-lined road will also be formed through the centre of the site, from Howatshaws Road, and a new footpath will connect the site with the adjacent children’s play area and woodland path.

Councillors gathered at the site yesterday to mark the start of work, with Councillor Diane Docherty, Convener of Housing and Communities, cutting the first sod.

Councillor Docherty said: “I am so pleased to see work getting underway at this site. The development will bring a great deal of benefit to the surrounding area, and the facilities on offer will ensure it is a popular site when complete.

 “As a Council, we made a pledge under our More Homes Better Homes initiative to deliver 1000 new affordable, energy efficient homes by 2021. We are on track to reach that target, and that number will contribute to the Scottish Government’s own aims and targets for housing.

“We want our tenants to be proud of their home, and I look forward to seeing them enjoying living in them in the near future.”

Councillor Caroline McAllister, Vice Convener of Housing and Communities, added: “Seeing work begin on yet another  development of homes which are not only affordable, but also stylish and environmentally friendly, is wonderful.

“Each home will be built to the same high quality that our design standard requires – which means extra floor space, home office space, flexible layouts and adhering to the Silver standard for energy efficiency.”

The project is being delivered by building firm CCG on behalf of the Council.

The firm – who are the building partner for other Council Housing developments  and the new Care Home being constructed at Queens Quay too – have agreed to providing a number of community benefits throughout the works.


  1. I like the description of how commercial contractors to the Council are now called ‘ partners ‘

    That’ll be just like how our energy suppliers or the banks are our ‘ partners ‘ Fantastic relationship partnership. Wonder if the council understand what the word ‘ partner ‘ actually means.

    I give you money, you take money – and we’re ‘ partners’ No need for competitive tendering. Ah partners, big business – all our partners. Ah Lovely Jubbly.

  2. The foregoing said it is however absolutely fantastic that after decades under Labour where absolutely no social housing was built that the SNP are now, and have been been once again building social housing.

    The deliberate embargo on social house building by both the Tories and Labour in Westminster and Labour in Hollyrood was an absolute disgrace that has left us with a shortage of affordable housing. The tragedy of folks being left to have to try and secure a home in the private rented sector or stay with parent was an outrage.

    But these news houses, together with all of the other new social housing such as Dumbarton Quay, the new houses in Castlehill, the houses in Brucehill, the new flats in Bonhill and the Vale – they’re all very welcome.

    Well done the SNP, very well done if I may opine. Nice new warm modern affordable houses. Delivering what was needed.

  3. It’s good to see real correspondence about real issues flowing into The Democrat for publication. High time we had a forum for debate. The old readers’ letters columns in the newspapers used to serve that purpose, but they are now so last century. This is real democracy at work. They make the SNP-controlled Council look pathetic and Joyce White, the CEO who goes about her business without reference to elected members, look like a dictator.

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