St Patrick’s Cathedral in New York, and some really great photographs of the city looking up and down by Democrat travel correspondent MT Rainey (top left).

On a day flight to New York. Seven and a half hours of full vampire banishing daylight in a comfortable coffin of a seat. Unusually, in my flying experience, all is luxe, calms et volupte. Champagne helps. But doesn’t count for anything. I have papers for my Board Meeting and eight weekend supplements to catch up with. They include two great interviews. Alex Clark with Hilary Mantel in The Observer Review, with an enticing slice of her new book The Mirror and The Light, and Decca Aikenhead with Nicola Sturgeon, the wee enigma that she remains. A great piece about Facebook’s major acquisitions and the falling out with their Founders; a bit about Andy Warhol before he descends on The Tate, and a lovely piece by Hadley Freeman on her new book about her Grandmother who fled the Nazis. That, the very best aspect of our UK press, and a cream tea before landing, is not a bad Monday. MT Rainey

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