As part of contingency planning to manage the COVID-19 outbreak, NHSGGC has implemented the following restrictions from this afternoon onwards for visitors of high-acuity (acutely unwell) and immune compromised patients.

High-acuity and immune compromised patients include those in Intensive Care Units; High Dependency Units; Emergency Departments, Acute Receiving Units; Initial Assessment Units; Midwifery Care Areas; Neonatal Units, Haemato-Oncology Units and Renal Units.

  • Visitors are restricted to those who are essential only; such as parents of paediatric patients or the patient’s partner/main carer.
  • Children should be restricted from visiting unless otherwise arranged with the nurse in charge.
  • Visitors may be required to wear PPE based on local risk assessment.

The following general restriction applies for all visitors:

  • Do not visit anyone in hospital if you have a fever/ respiratory / cough or cold symptoms.
  • All visitors must hand sanitize when entering and leaving clinical areas.

If patients have questions regarding visitation they should phone the ward for clarification.




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