19 March, 2020

There hasn’t been much good news around. People in isolation because of the corona virus threat which is not just to our health but to our life – it really is a matter of life and death that you stay safe and follow the advice of the experts – have been quiet, down in the dumps. Social isolation doesn’t suit most of us, but I am afraid we will have to put up with it.

An item on Facebook this morning lifted my mood and lightened my heart. It was from Linda Speir, who featured regularly here until about three months ago. She is forever campaigning for a brighter and better Dumbarton in her role as a community councillor.

Linda Speir and her dog, Baxter.

This is what Linda posted: “I haven’t been on FB since before Christmas. Tom [my husband] was diagnosed with blood cancer and Facebook was the last thing on my mind. The prognosis for Tom is fairly good but obviously his immune system is seriously compromised. We have been self-isolating since the weekend though, at the moment, we can still take Baxter [her dog] on short, secluded walks.

“I’ve read of examples of greed, selfishness and lack of concern for others such I’ve never witnessed before, but there’s also the very opposite: generosity, humility, compassion and love. I have to admit that I cried on receiving these flowers earlier today. I don’t want to embarrass the friends who sent them. They are so very special and we are blessed to know them.

“Today is particularly hard as Yvonne and Iain have had to return to Adelaide much earlier than anticipated as they were restricted in seeing family members who are in self-isolation and Australia has asked that all Nationals return home before their borders close. Heartbreaking, but we know there are so many in a similar situation.

“It will take a while to go through all the posts I’ve missed, but I look forward to catching up on news and will enjoy the humour that has been shared too.  Apologies for such a lengthy post! Stay safe and love to all. xx”

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