Persimmon Homes at Monny


Speculation that the now demolished St Patrick’s High School site at Cardross Road in Dumbarton would be replaced by the divisional headquarters of Police Scotland presently at Crosslet on the A82 was quashed at the weekend.

Persimmon Homes, a major house-building firm, told people who live near the old school: “In light of the ongoing concerns regarding the spread of the corona virus we are no longer holding a public drop-in event next week.”

They enclosed plans for the development, asked people to consider their proposals before they go forward for planning permission from West Dunbartonshire Council.

The site lies between busy Cardross Road and Hawthornhill Road in Castlehill and is contiguous with the Cunningham Graham Memorial Park.

The official opening of Our Lady and St Patrick’s in Bellsmyre.

Controversy, especially in relation to planning, appears to have followed Our Lady and St Patrick’s around over the past quarter century.

Strathclyde Region’s plan to merge St Patrick’s and Notre Dame within the Notre Dame building was not warmly welcomed by the parents of pupils at both schools.

Then there were plans to demolish the old St Patrick’s a build a new St Michael’s Primary School on that site in Cardross Road.

These went through eventually – after much ado about funding for the project.

Then along came plans from West Dunbartonshire Council to replace the now demolished OLSP in Cardross Road with a new school outside central Dumbarton in Bellsmyre at the foot of the Long Crags.

That too proved controversial and the new school,m which is now occupied, appears to be too small to accommodate the number of pupils who have been placed there.

Meanwhile, the site at Sandpoint, which was initially earmarked for a new OLSP, has been designated for housing.

That school plan was jettisoned after a public outcry, including lively, packed public meetings, where it was forecast it would become a blot on the landscape of one of the most scenic parts of Dumbarton, opposite the Castle.

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