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The USDAW shopworkers’ union and the Scottish Retail Consortium have written to the Deputy First Minister to call for retail staff to be included in the list of ‘key workers’.

They say this is the case in Wales, England and Northern Ireland, and add that ‘retailers are working round the clock and incredibly hard at this unprecedented time to make sure the nation continues to be able to access the essential medicines, cleaning/sanitising products and food supplies they need, particularly elderly and vulnerable people’.

In the joint letter, they call for workers in sub-sectors of retail who have childcare responsibilities to be able to access suitable provision for their children ‘so they can continue to go to work during this difficult time’.

Jackie Baillie MSP, pictured above, member of Holyrood’s economy committee and Scottish Labour deputy leadership candidate, said:  “Retail workers are going above and beyond at this incredibly challenging time.

“They deserve our huge thanks for ensuring food supplies are available, particularly for the elderly and vulnerable, and they need the full support of the Scottish Government.
“We can’t have a situation where retail staff are considered key workers in every part of the UK other than Scotland.

“I urge the Scottish Government to end the postcode lottery and respond positively to the request from USDAW and the Scottish Retail Consortium.”

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Retail staff should be classified as key workers, says Jackie Baillie.

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  1. Ridiculous! Of course, shop assistants are KEY WORKERS. My parents were shopkeepers through the 1930’s and WW2. They kept whole families going through thick and thin come hell or high water….money or no money. You won’t get service like that in the shoppy. These days they’ll have your hide for a handbag. So far the staff at the COOP in Parkhall are doing a super job, WHY? Because I’ve got them well trained.That’s why. Get a grip. PEOPLE HAVE TO EAT. And jail these so called “panic buyers” who clear the shelves and never mind any one else and sell stuff on at double the price. My Dad had a fat lip waiting for that scum!

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