Scots coronavirus deaths rise to 33

First Minister Sturgeon, CMO Calderwood and Health Secretary Jeane Freeman.

By Bill Heaney

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon told her daily media conference there have been 1,059 case of coronavirus in Scotland – up 165 since yesterday.  There were 72 Covid case in intensive care, she said. There have been a further eight deaths that takes the total to 33 in Scotland.

Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer Catherine Calderwood said yesterday that there were between 40,000 and 50,000 in Scotland with the coronavirus.

“While it is dangerous to go day by day, I want to really emphasise that I would now be estimating that there are more than 65,000 people in Scotland infected,” she said.

The chief medical officer said she stood on her doorstep at 8pm last night like many other people and clapped for the NHS and its workers.

Ms Calderwood said: “Twitter tells me that is the first time I’ve been seen smiling for quite some time. I felt very emotional and very proud to be part of the NHS.”

Nicola Sturgeon says she was encouraged to see the chief medical officer smile.

The First Minister praised NHS staff and said the show of solidarity with workers was much appreciated, but she said the best way to support the NHS is to stay at home and self-isolate.

She added that this was the first weekend since lockdown and people would be itching to get out.

“It is vital all of us stick with this,” she said.

Ms Sturgeon announced £3.8m extra funding for NHS mental health support services.

She said people should look at the NHS inform website for details or helplines and services.

Virus kitting up

Gowning up with protection kit that’s in short supply in Scotland.

Health Secretary Jeane Freeman outlined new NHS Mental Health funding support.

She said the extra £3.8m allows the NHS to “scale-up” the mental health hub to 24-hour cover.

“It will also boost the telephone and webchat helpline Breathing Space,”  she said.

She said everyone needed to continue self-isolation to ensure we have the best chance of tackling the outbreak.

“The collective national endeavour is helping to slow down the spread of this virus, protect the NHS and save lives,” she said.

The first minister said she knows it is tough for young people to be stuck in the house but she asked them to stick with it and find new fun things to do to amuse themselves.

She also said they should phone their grandparents – “I’m sure they would really appreciate it.”

Kebble - police picThe first minister says the police were being put under pressure by the pandemic and were doing an exceptional job.  They now have new powers to enforce the lockdown rules.

Ms Sturgeon added: “My fervent hope and belief is that the police will not have to enforce these rules very often.”

The first minister emphasised that the Scottish government is trying to do everything it can for businesses.

There are concerns that self-employed people will have to wait until June to get the support announced by the UK government yesterday.

“We hope they will speed up that support if possible, although I do recognise the scale of what they are trying to do,” she said.

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  1. The question I have in all of this is why Nicola Surgeon has followed the Boris Johnson policy on the virus.

    Not one word of dissent about the unpreparedness in terms of face mask, ppe, testing kit, ventilators.

    Not one word of dissent about the Westminster policy to allow the virus to spread through the community to develop herd immunity, protect the economy and if a few pensioners die then too bad – a policy that was only changed after wiser scientific counsel prevailed with models that showed the policy was set to deliver over half a million deaths in a very short space of time.

    Indeed quite the contrary Nicola Sturgeon in Hollyrood only last week paid tribute to the hard work of the Westminster Government. Soft on independence, failed on Brexit an isolated In terms of sharing medical supplies our First Minister actually praises Westminster.

    And meanwhile Prince Charles, his wife and his seventy strong entourage flee north disregarding the advice to travel to go straight to the head of the queue for personal NHS treatment. But again not a word from the First Minister about that.

    And lastly, as the crisis unfolds we now expect the economic dross, or at least the Tories view of economic dross, to do their duty. The folks earning less than £26,500 per year who are the essential delivery drivers, the bin men, the food workers, the crop pickers, some of the nurses, most certainly all the carers who are now to stand strong as the glue to hold our community together.

    Not for them the luxury of being able to flee to one’s rural retreat, not for them the option to isolate out of the way in a bunker with, should it be needed, the finest medical resources on hand. Yet that is what the elites are doing.

    But as I have opined before, let us stick together, help each other out, do what we can. But when it is all over we should hunt down the men and women who so wilfully let us down for private profit and greed.

    I hope you are listening Nicola Sturgeon.

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