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Several elderly residents have died with coronavirus at another Scottish care home.

The Care Inspectorate confirmed there had been a number of deaths at Almond Court in Drumchapel, Glasgow.

According to the Scottish Sun, a total of five residents have died after contracting coronavirus, and one staff member is currently ill.

The 42-bed care home, owned by the Holmes Care Group, specialises in dementia care and frail elderly care.

A spokeswoman for the Care Inspectorate said: “We are aware of the tragic death of residents at this care home as a result of suspected cases of Covid-19.

“Our thoughts are with the loved ones of those affected as well as the staff and wider community of the home.

“We have been notified of the circumstances and we are in contact with the care service and the local health and social care partnership during this difficult time.”

Owners Holmes Care said they were doing everything they could to keep staff and residents safe.

A spokesman said: “With deep sadness we can confirm that some of our residents have passed in recent weeks with suspected Covid-19.

Castleview Care Home“We will not be commenting on numbers of suspected cases or deaths. Of course we are communicating directly with the loved ones of anyone affected, and will continue to do so, along with the Care Inspectorate, Health Protection Scotland, the NHS service supporting the home and the local authority.

“We have robust infection control procedures in place throughout our home, including appropriate distancing and isolation from suspected cases, as well as clear processes for using PPE around the home and thorough hygiene and cleanliness regimes.

“These measures have been approved by the relevant authorities, and we have a good supply of PPE.”

Almond Court is the fourth care home to report multiple Covid-19 deaths in the last month.

Eight residents of Castle View Care Home in Dumbarton died after showing symptoms of the virus.

Nicola Sturgeon said in her Monday briefing that figures due out later in the week would detail where people had died including whether it was in a hospital, a care home or at home.

Meanwhile, Scotland’s interim chief medical officer, Gregor Smith, has raised concern over potential strain on funeral and mortuary services responding to coronavirus.

He urged families not to delay holding funerals in anticipation of social distancing measures being lifted.

Dr Smith said restrictions, including who could attend a funeral service, would remain in place for some time.

CMO Dr Gregor Smith, has raised concern over potential strain on funeral and mortuary services responding to coronavirus.


  1. Like a hot knife through butter the virus is wreaking a toll through the elderly residents in care homes.

    And in England where they only record COVID 19 deaths in hospital, some sources are saying that there have been over 1,500 hundred care home Coronavirus deaths not included in the 13,500 deaths now reported.

    With deaths now outstripping Italy and Spain the U.K. has the unenviable as having the highest death total in Europe.

    The flawed policy of deliberately spreading the virus through the population to develop herd immunity and protect the economy whilst telling the populace that the government and NHS were well prepared is now showing itself to be the policy of the criminally insane.

    Johnson, Cummings and their ilk were prepared to sacrifice the old people to protect the economy and their policy has failed as the death toll across all age groups soars and the economy tanks.

  2. I don’t know about other readers but with Professor Whitty now admitting that 96 care homes in the last 24 hours have reported Coronavirus outbreaks bringing the total number infected to 13% it doesn’t take much imagination to realise just how evil the initial decision was to spread the virus at the expense of the death of a few old folks.

    It at least for me, doesn’t take too much imagination to see the architects of this policy through the eyes of the 1930s German Nazi – Dr Josef Mengele

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