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Jackie Baillie, MSP for Dumbarton, Vale of Leven, Helensburgh and Lomond, has repeated the message for the public to continue to abide by all guidelines as restrictions on lockdown are eased.

This comes after social distancing measures were evidently ignored by many visitors to the area over the weekend.

A combination of good weather and a relaxation of lockdown rules saw Luss, Arrochar, Balloch, and Helensburgh heaving with visitors who had travelled from far out with the area.

Several reports have highlighted that the train services from Glasgow to Balloch and Helensburgh were packed full of visitors and that social distancing measures on board were not met.

Similarly, areas such as Luss and Arrochar experienced a huge influx of visitors despite the public toilets and car parks remaining closed.

The A82 was busy with caravans, motor homes and boats as well over the weekend.

Jackie Baillie has contacted First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to ask that she reinforces the guidelines and tells people to not travel more than 5 miles for leisure and exercise.

Ms Sturgeon told her daily briefing in Edinburgh that she was very much considering using the long arm of the law to stop people abusing the guidelines.

Baillkie Jackie 101
Jackie Baillie MSP

Jackie Baillie said: ““It was disappointing to see that places like Luss, Arrochar and Balloch were absolutely heaving with visitors over the weekend.

“There seemed to be very little effort to meet the advised social distancing guidelines and it was clear that people had travelled from far out with the area [to reach the beauty spots].

“I completely understand that it has been a long couple months under lockdown and everyone – especially those without access to outdoor space – are thrilled with the increased freedom that Phase One has given us.

“However, I can’t stress how important it is for everyone to continue to follow guidelines. You must not travel more than 5 miles for leisure and exercise, you should only meet up with one other household outside and it is vital that you remain two metres apart.

“Many of these smaller villages – with a predominately older local population – have managed to protect themselves from the virus up until now.

“Huge numbers of visitors from across Scotland will pose a considerable threat to the health and well-being of local residents.

“It is a fact that if these guidelines are ignored we will only see a reversal in the progress that we have made to beat this virus and we could experience a second wave of the coronavirus.”

Balloch, where thousands of people congregated to enjoy the sunshine.


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  1. It just shows you how the deaths of tens of thousands can be so quickly forgotten.

    The virus has not gone away but for some folks, but for many folks, they just don’t care. Kind of tells you something about the society in which we live.

    Typhoid Mary’s aplenty giving it wahoo to coin a super spreader from many years ago. The New York authorities eventually incarcerated her for public safety. But not until she’d spread the disease far and wide with devastating effects.

    Ah well, at lead time COVID 19 it predominately a killer of older people and the health compromised – so I’m all right Jock. What about you?

    Second wave eat your heart out!

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