West Lothian Book Launch – 3 Authors Publishing Books in Oct /Nov 2020
Book launch for Life in the Raws by Neil Findlay, Euphoric Recall by Aidan Martin, and Fash, Chaps N’ Banz by Paul Walsh & Graeme Young.

About this Event

We are celebrating the launch of three books being published in Oct/Nov 2020 by three West Lothian authors. We’ll talk about their work, read excerpts, and you’ll have a chance to ask questions about these wonderful books. We’d love to see you there. This is an online event at 7pm GMT, 27 November. Hosted by Guts Publishing.

Life in the Raws – Neil Findlay – this book is the life story of John ‘Jock’ Findlay, rediscovered by his grandson Neil Findlay MSP after finding Jock’s writing on the back of a plywood bath panel. Published by Luath Press (Nov 2020).

‘A remarkable autobiographical story that needs to be told: the life and times of a Scottish shaleworker detailing the struggles, the hardships, humour and joys of being a worker, a husband, a father and grandfather; all written up by his grandson with respect and admiration’ — Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown

Euphoric Recall – Aidan Martin – this book is the true story of a working-class Scottish lad growing up in Livingston and his recovery from addiction and trauma. Published by Guts Publishing (1 Oct 2020).

“A truly essential read for those interested in lived experiences-and not just statistics.” — Darren ‘Loki’ McGarvey, author of Poverty Safari (Orwell Prize 2018).

Fash, Chaps n’ Banz! – Paul Walsh & Graeme Young – this is an illustrated children’s book. The story starts with the son, Jay, grumping about not wanting to eat his dinner. In an attempt to make dinner more exciting, Father starts to sing a song which the family have likely heard many times before. As they sing, ‘Snazzy Lady’ overhears as she walks passed their house and invites them to her recording studio where the family dress up as pop stars over the years such as Elvis & Madonna. It’s a fun-filled, family oriented story which draws in pop culture, music and everyday family life. Published by PMGJ Storybooks (24 Oct 2020).

About the authors

Neil Findlay is a Member of the Scottish Parliament for the Lothian region. A former bricklayer, housing officer and teacher he was elected to Paliament in 2010 and was a Councillor for 9 years prior to that. A life-long socialist and trade unionist his previous book Socialism and Hope was published in 2016. Facebook: & Twitter: @NeilFindlay_MSP

Aidan Martin – Born in Ladywell, Livingston, Aidan Martin is a debuting memoirist. His first book, Euphoric Recall, discusses in detail his recovery from addiction and many traumas including sexual abuse. Aidan currently works as a mental health and addictions worker as well as studying social work at master’s degree level. In 2017 he gained an Honours Degree in Social Sciences: with Criminology and Sociology. As a grateful recovering addict, Aidan is heavily involved in the recovery scene. For more info visit

Paul Walsh – First and foremost, a family man, with his writing influenced by his loving wife and children. A children’s author with multiple completed works awaiting in the wings for the PMGJ Storybooks growing fan-base. “I’m always keen to make people laugh because life is just too serious. Writing stories for children allows me to escape for a little while, to try and remember what it was like to have no care(s) in the world and just have fun. Never let the truth get in the way of a good (children’s) story…” Facebook – & Instagram –

Graeme Young – A hugely talented artist having graduated West Lothian College in the late 00’s, Graeme began sketching for PMGJ Storybooks by request from Paul for the FCB project. This sparked a new lease of energy in his work, taking influence from many artists and illustrators whilst achieving a vision that works so well for children’s entertainment.


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