CARE HOMES: Rennie claims Care Home excuse for slow Scottish roll out was bogus

Care home resident receiving the vaccine injection.

By Democrat reporter

The Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats has accused First Minister Nicola Sturgeon of making bogus claims about Scotland’s slow roll out of the vaccine.

The First Minister repeatedly claimed that care home vaccinations were holding back the wider Scottish roll out. England has now all but completed its care home vaccinations and is still racing ahead of Scotland.

Willie Rennie said:  “It was clearly a bogus claim that Scotland’s roll out was slower because care homes took longer. England’s care homes are all but done and their nationwide roll out is still racing ahead.  The care home excuse was bogus.

“The gap with England is growing with Scotland even further behind by the equivalent of 182,000 vaccinations.   If we had roll out at the pace in England 748,127 people would have been vaccinated by now but only 566,269 have been vaccine.  Even Wales vaccine more people on Saturday than Scotland.

LibDem leader Willie Rennie and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

“We knew this vaccine was coming so had time to prepare. We even had a warning sign when the flu campaign stumbled in the autumn yet the Scottish Government were still not ready.

“When we have vaccines in our hands it is unforgivable to leave vulnerable people without protection.

“People are angry that they are being left exposed to this deadly virus when the vaccine is stuck in storage.  The First Minister has let people down when it mattered most.”

Meanwhile, today, Willie Rennie called for the First Minister to quit the charade and be honest with the public about why the Scottish vaccine program is falling further behind other parts of the UK.

The First Minister announced that 9,628 people were vaccinated in Scotland yesterday, the lowest number since daily vaccination figures have been published.

But Mr Rennie said:  “The public want to see the vaccine roll-out accelerating but instead we are seeing the worst daily figures yet.

“For weeks the First Minister has been claiming that Scotland’s vaccination lag was due to the decision to focus on care homes. But now almost all care home residents on both sides of the border have been vaccinated and the gap is still widening.

“The First Minister is in denial if she thinks the public are going to be taken in by this charade. We are seeing deadlines for vaccination invites whizz past and tens of thousands of doses apparently sitting unused. The public deserve to know why.”

The SNP refused to comment.

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