Ross Priory at Gartocharn on Loch Lomondside. This is where “philanthropist” Sir Tom Hunter plans to have a leadership centre and weekend wedding venue (BOTTOM ROW LEFT) by kind permission of the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park Planning Committee. Confusingly, billionaire Sir Tom, who can be seen frequently  publicising his own charitable self on television and elsewhere. I have a feeling that the public, particularly those who live on the Bonnie Banks and near to it, as we do, won’t be in any rush to thank the great man. By the time Sir Tom and his mega rich list fellows are finished building on the so-called Bonnie Banks will be spoiled forever. Pictures by Bill Heaney and Tina Kemp

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  1. It’s Klondike time in the National Park.

    Money, big money talks, and the Scottish Government and it’s agencies are in thrall to big money and the big money men.

    Every where you look there are proposals to develop Loch Lomond. In Balloch the Flamingo land disgrace is the high profile proposal of which many are aware. But it Tarbet too with the proposed Bearsden on the Loch, or Tom Hunter’s big commercial venue at Ross Priory.

    Then there’s the proposals for housing further up the Loch and of course the ultra exclusive golf and shooting estates. And all supported by the SG.

    And of the ownership of the National Park. Well that’s easy. No where else in the world is so much of a country owned by private wealth registered around the tax havens of the world. But the little people know that. For them a few toilet cleaning, chambermaid services, or waiter or waitress service jobs and they’re happy.

    And if you don’t think big money talks, ask yourself about the tragedy of the five star Cameron House fire. Who and where was the ultimate owner of the hotel and complex, why were the safety regulations allowed to be so lax, and who ultimately picked up the blame whilst the real money men walked away.

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