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St Margaret of Scotland Hospice

On behalf of Sister Rita and all at St Margaret of Scotland Hospice, we wish to express our sincere condolences on the death of Walter Smith OBE, who supported the Hospice over many years and was a true gentleman. We will remember his family in our prayers at this very sad time. May he Rest in Peace.

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Pope Francis takes to the air tomorrow morning

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Pope Francis will deliver “Thought for the Day” on BBC Radio 4 tomorrow morning at 7.45am.

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Sir William Mackinnon in Kinloch St, Campbeltown. Picture by Joe Porter

“The statue of Sir William Mackinnon in Kinloch Street, Campbeltown, was never at Keil School, Southend as stated in the Buildings of Scotland’s ‘Stirling and Central Scotland’ (Gifford and Walker 2002). It went to Keil School, Dumbarton from Mombasa in Kenya, where it was first erected in 1900. It was removed from Treasury Gardens Mombasa on 19 February 1964 and re-erected at the school in Dumbarton on 5 May 1964.” Quoted from the Canmore website.
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Mute Swan, White Cart Water, Paisley. Picture by Joe Porter


Yemen is on the brink of famine.

The children of Yemen have been robbed of a normal childhood. Now, it is up to us to ensure that they are not robbed of their future as well. At this moment in time, the entire is country on the brink of famine. If we do not act now, millions of lives could be lost. Donate today to help those forced to flee.


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LOMOND SHORES CAR PARK IS CLOSED FOR THE COP26 CONFERENCE: We seriously need to address climate change but I’m so angry at the hypocrisy of delegates flying from all over the world, to be driven around in huge limousines whilst here. Surely they could have achieved a lot simply by meeting on zoom. Linda Speir

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  1. lol I saw that Bill. Moving on, there was a very friendly swan on the Leven once. It preferred people to it’s feathered friends. I was fishing The Piles one day and it was on the other bank along the tow path. I took a banana out of my pocket to eat. It jumped into the water, swam over, hopped onto the bank and I gave it a bit. No doubt some idiot had it for dinner. The UN? Well they sure fooled you. They’re mass murdering warmongering imperialists. Have you never heard of soft power and hybrid dirty wars? That’s them telling you….”We are the good guys.” I think you need to have a word with the Yemenis to get their side of the story, instead of backing their enemies. What’s this Linda Speir smoking? Who is coming here for climate change? lol There’s one born every minute. This is window dressing for a $multi-trillion business investment plan for the world. Since when did capitalists care for anything except the $$? It’s all about emerging markets. Africa is the main target. That’s why they wiped Libya off the face of the earth and we have this refugee crisis. Dearie me! Some people haven’t got a clue what is going on around here. I wonder why?

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