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  1. Well! Well! Well! Lawson’s dad was a minister at the church, at the junction of Drumry Rd and Kilbowie Rd. In Paisley he had a “pest control” business. He was some kind of a Scottish Business Envoy to the Baltic States for a while…..a Mecca for Nazis.

    For sure! The SNP are playing a double game. Originally they saw the IndyRef as a win-win for the SNP. They couldn’t lose either way. On the contrary, the IndyFolk lost the IndyRef because it was betrayed by the SNP who didn’t campaign and voted No outside of WD. The result here revealed something of the local politics….a 90% turnout and a 55% win. These largely working class people weren’t revolutionary by international standards but they were far removed from the SNP’s business as usual. However, had they won, there never was going to be any departure from “London Rule.” “London Rule” is the West rules, the US rules, the UN rules, NATO rules and the EU rules. “Independence” only existed on paper. Yes, things would have been different….extra Trill all round different. Now we’re stuck with this Judas and all their scams….because they’re capitalists.

    I hold the record for letters to the press in support of Independence, 2012-14. At one point the Editor of the Clydebank Post asked me to slow down because he couldn’t keep up. I didn’t “leaflet” much. I had boxes x 1000 leaflets delivered to my door. I was doing 100 leaflets delivered per 60 mins. Every day I was on the streets with my bag of ammo, stickers, badges, flags, you name it. I was at endless meetings. You bet there was treason, treachery and betrayal and I know who they are.

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