BOOKS: Conversations with Gerald Dawe on a Life in Poetry

Gerald Dawe, pictured right, with a pentameter of poets at the Clifden Arts Festival in Connemara, Ireland. Picture by Bill Heaney

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Balancing Acts
Conversations with Gerald Dawe on a Life in Poetry
Edited by Frank Ferguson 

Frank Ferguson, researcher on Irish, particularly Northern Irish and Ulster-Scots literature, currently Research Director for English Language and Literature at Ulster University.

Gerald Dawe is a former Professor of English and Fellow Emeritus, Trinity College Dublin. He has published numerous books, including The Wrong Country: Essays on Modern Irish WritingThe Sound of the Shuttle: Essays on Cultural Belonging & Protestantism in Northern Ireland, In Another World: Van Morrison & BelfastLooking Through You: Northern Chronicles, and A City Imagined: Belfast Soulscapes.

Balancing Acts gathers together interviews and conversations between poet Gerald Dawe and a wide cast of interlocutors. Drawn from exchanges on television and radio, print and online media, these conversations with fellow poets, journalists, colleagues and friends, are a testament to Dawe’s generous, open-hearted and open-minded approachability as a poet for whom the ‘artful way of making’ poetry has always been informed by an attitude of just ‘getting on with it’.

Hardback | 9781788558167 | 215mm x 140mm | €19.99/£17.99

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Ties That Bind? 

Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Union
Graham Walker & James Greer

Ties That Bind? is an engrossing and timely study of the historical, cultural and political relationship between Scotland and Northern Ireland at a seminal moment in the constitutional history of both places. It has seldom been acknowledged, and rarely explored in any real depth, but this important book conclusively demonstrates just how deeply entwined the two countries are.

Paperback | 9781788558174 | 234mm x 153mm | €19.99/£17.99

Graham Walker is Emeritus Professor of Political History at Queen’s University Belfast. He has published widely in the subject areas of Irish and Scottish history and politics, and the politics of sport.

James Greer’s publications have focused on the political history of Ulster unionism, the modern Troubles, British and Irish labour, and Irish Presbyterianism. His research has also explored the politics of European integration in Northern Ireland, and literature and popular culture in twentieth-century Northern Ireland.


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