Election forecast shock as Labour cut SNP lead to five points

Hopeless Humza heading for election oblivion 

The new First Minister is facing another stark poll as Scottish Labour have cut their Westminster lead to just five points, meaning a potential loss of 18 seats for the nationalists

Humza Yousaf at Holyrood as he was voted in as the new First Minister
Humza Yousaf at Holyrood as he was voted in as the new First Minister

By Lucy Ashton

Hopeless Humza Yousaf could be heading for a brutal election defeat as new polling revealed that Scottish Labour are quickly gaining momentum, and are only five points behind them in the Westminster.

The Scottish Daily Express is reporting that in the latest polling done following his victory in the SNP leadership election, the former health secretary has found out the massive problems facing him as he tries to steady the nationalist ship.

The Express previously told how the first set of surveys which were published following Mr Yousaf becoming First Minister showed him losing 18 seats, leaving the SNP stuck on 46, with the Scottish Greens even unable to prop him up with just 10.

It would leave a hung parliament which would allow Scottish Labour (42) and the Scottish Lib Dems (7) to run a minority administration.

And now the latest Redfield and Winton Westminster polling offers an even starker picture to Mr Yousaf, with Labour cutting the SNP lead to just five points.

The SNP percentage vote plummeted by nine per cent from 2019 to 36, with Labour increasing their vote share from just 19 per cent to 31 per cent.

This is the closest it has been between the parties since 2014, just after the independence referendum. Translating roughly to seats, it would give the SNP 27, Labour 21, Tories six and the Lib Dems five, a loss of 18 for the nationalists.

“Scots are sick and tired of this Tory Government and they know that only Scottish Labour can kick them out of Downing Street and deliver the change that Scotland needs.

“The divided and scandal-struck SNP can only oppose the Tories – Scottish Labour can kick them out of power.

“Scotland needs a Labour government led by Keir Starmer at Westminster and a Scottish Labour government led by Anas Sarwar at Holyrood – it is our mission to make this happen. Scotland needs change, and Scottish Labour is determined to deliver it.”

Happy tonight – Labour leader Anas Sarwar on the campaign trail with local Labour councillors John Miller and Michelle McGinty.

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  1. Corbyn and the Labour Party that Corbyn would have led was done in.

    A co-ordinated attempt to do in Alex Salmond and the party and movement he could have returned to lead, was like Corbyn put in train.

    And the SNP and its squandering of mandate after mandate, its introduction of unpopular and unwanted woke policies, or its emasculation of member democracy, who brought all that about.

    All seems to have a familiar theme. Or am I imagining things in the greatest democracy in the world.

    Ah, benevolent Tory governance, there’s no way Labour would have been allowed to have a Corbyn at the helm. Or an Alex Salmond to lead an independent Scotland.

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