Robin Sturgeon’s ill-considered retweet has been condemned by pro-UK politicians, who say his daughter and son-in-law could end the case now by leading cops to the ‘missing’ £600k

Nicola Sturgeon with parents Robin and Joan Sturgeon
Nicola Sturgeon with parents Robin and Joan Sturgeon (Image: Andy Buchanan)

By Democrat reporter

FM Nicola Sturgeon’s father has backed a social media conspiracy theory claiming the police investigation into ‘missing’ Scexit donations is a plot to destroy the SNP.

Fraud Squad police officers are nearing the end of a 20-month investigation into what happened to more than £600,000 raised for a second referendum, with Ms Sturgeon’s husband Peter Murrell arrested and questioned by detectives. The former SNP chief executive was later released without charge.

The couple’s home was raided by police while officers also took boxes away from SNP HQ in Edinburgh and seized a £110,000 motor home parked outside the home of Mr Murrell’s elderly mother.

However, despite the full-blown crisis in the SNP, some supporters – and at least one MP – believe it is all a plot by shadowy forces to bring down the nationalist movement.

Daily Record political editor Paul Hutcheon noticed that Robin Sturgeon had shared a tweet which insisted the £600,000 “isnae missing at all” and is “all about destroying the SNP and Scotland’s bid for independence”.

Robin Sturgeon's retweet
Robin Sturgeon’s retweet

Scottish Conservative chairman Craig Hoy said: “If Robin Sturgeon is claiming that this money isn’t missing at all, then you would expect his daughter and son-in-law to inform the police of its whereabouts so that the case could be closed.

“If, as he appears to believe, this furore is all about destroying the case for independence, it’s the ultimate act of self-sabotage by the SNP. The party could bring an end to the scandal and speculation now by opening their books to scrutiny and finding an auditor to sign off their accounts.”

Liberal Democrat MP Christine Jardine said: “The police should be allowed to get on with their investigation without all this speculation.”

The former SNP leader’s father, who has 1,572 followers on Twitter, shared a tweet by @JMacreany which said: “The 600k that isnae missing at all!?!…This was all about destroying the SNP and Scotland’s bid for independence. Nothing more nothing less. Stay the course.”

Mr Sturgeon has twice tried to get elected to North Ayrshire Council alongside his wife Joan, who was a councillor from 2007 to 2017 including a spell as Provost.

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