Scenic Inverbeg on Loch Lomondside where the fatal road accident happened.

By Lucy Ashton

Road Policing officers are appealing for information following a fatal crash on the A82 between Luss and Inverbeg.
And the public too have voiced their view that there should be more safety features on this dangerous road.
The incident, involving a single-decker coach and a black Land Rover Discovery, took place on the northbound carriageway around 1.50pm on Monday, 17 April, 2023.
The driver of the car, a 64-year-old woman and her dog were pronounced dead at the scene. The 64-year-old male passenger of the car was taken to the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley for treatment.
There were no other reports of any injuries.
The road was closed for almost eight hours to allow officer to carry out investigations.
Sergeant Brian Simpson of Dumbarton Road Policing said: “Our thoughts are with the family and friends of the woman who died in this incident.
“Our inquiries are ongoing and I am appealing for anyone who witnessed the crash and who has not already spoken to officers to get in touch.
“I would also ask anyone who was in the area around that time and who may have dash-cam footage which could assist to contact us.”
Anyone with any information is asked to contact 101 quoting incident 1680 of 17 April, 2023.
Catriona Summers said later: “My in-laws stay near there so we’re always up and down that road and the stuff I’ve seen is mental.
“I nearly crashed because a caravan was stopped on the A82 and the people on it were taking pictures of the hills.
“Last time I was on it, a car overtook six cars in a row and a HGV was on the other side.
“If they were a second later there would have definitely been a crash.
“That’s just the worst things I’ve seen but I get scared driving the road with two kids in the car because of how people drive on it.”
Another driver, Kenny MacLaurin, said: “Something needs done on that road so these things happen less often.
Whether it’s down to the local traffic police division or the road network management, it needs to be looked at to address the number of deaths on the road.
Granted its a busy road and statistics might say the traffic flow [compared to the number of deaths] is low or high but, every year there are deaths.
A campaign regarding motorcyclists has began but, other safety campaigns as such need to be thought of [and brought forward].”
Jennifer Haggarty added:”Year on year it’s the A82 deaths or drownings in the loch. I see the traffic car sitting on the roundabout so often, maybe they should be further down parked somewhere where they see the actual road?
“Personally I think it’s overdue for traffic cameras as the amount of appeals and investigations that are conducted surely warrant it.”
Graham Crawford added:”I’ve heard people argue that this the road isn’t unsafe, it’s the drivers to blame. Lot of nonsense. The road is notorious. There’s a stretch of that road that’s been responsible for so many deaths and very little has been done to make a change. I even think the junctions are unsafe at most, if not all of the establishments or caravan parks there. It can be very tedious trying to exit one to cross the carriageway.”

Meanwhile, Police in Clydebank are appealing for information following a fatal crash on Chalmers Street.  The incident took place around 11.45am on Saturday, 15 April, 2023 involving a car and a pedestrian.

The pedestrian, an 82-year-old man, was taken to the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Sergeant Archie McGuire said: “Our thoughts are with the family and friends of the man who has died.
“We are carrying out inquiries to establish the full circumstances of this incident and would appeal to anyone who was in the area at the time to please come forward.
“Anyone with information or dashcam footage which could assist our inquiries is asked to contact police on 101 quoting incident 1375 of 15 April, 2023.”

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  1. I contacted the then Chief Executive of LLTB at the time the lady was called Fiona, whilst there is no relation to this tragedy. At the time I suggested the Tourist Board should consider putting a scheme forward whereby the shrub, in the Main now trees on the Lochside should be trimmed / cut some removed whereby people travelling North & South could on fact see the Loch, as all to often it’s almost impossible to see the Loch which drivers struggle to view whereby for that split second they loose concentration and accidents happen. Clearing the shrubbery in areas would enable people to enjoy the views over the Loch.

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