Ghost ship Glen Sannox lying in Port Glasgow, Barlinnie Prison and Labour leader Anas Sarwar.

By Bill Heaney

Almost everything is going up in price under this “arrogant and incompetent” SNP government  – even new prisons are costing more, much more, according to Labour leader Anas Sarwar.

Mr Sarwar told the Scottish Parliament today: “The issue of financial mismanagement is not just about how the SNP run their party, it is about how they govern our country.

“This Government’s failure in managing public finances has cost the Scottish taxpayer more than £3.7 billion. That’s the result of failed interventions, waste and incompetence.

“Earlier this week, it was reported that the cost of building a new prison to replace Barlinnie has spiralled from £100 million to £400 million.

“In fact, all five major capital programmes in the criminal justice sector are running over budget.

“If the First Minister truly believes in transparency, he must open up the books and welcome an Audit Scotland review into these projects so we can understand why costs are running out of control.

“Across the public sector, project after project is running out of control.

“In Health, the new Baird Family Hospital in Aberdeen. Initial budget: £163 million. Now: £244 million.

“In education, a new college campus in Dunfermline. Initial budget £86 million. Now: £119 million.

“And, of course, in transport – replacement ferries for lifeline routes. Initial budget: £97 million. Now: running close to £300 million.

“While people across Scotland are working out how to make ends meet, this SNP Government and this First Minister’s incompetence is allowing millions of pounds to disappear.

“This is a government that has been in power for sixteen years and has lost its grip on taxpayer’s money and weakened every institution in our country.

“Scotland can no longer afford this chaotic, dysfunctional SNP government.

“Arrogant, incompetent, and out of touch – is it any wonder then that people are concluding it’s time for change?”

Top: Barlinnie Prison replacement costing £400 million

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