Valeman jailed for six years for raping woman tied to a radiator

The court heard that Gilbert Murray was repeatedly violent to the women

A man who raped two women, one of whom he tied to a radiator, has been jailed for six years.

A court heard how Gilbert Murray, 30, from Alexandria, West Dunbartonshire carried out attacks between December 2012 to January 2019.

Prosecutors said one woman was kicked, punched, pushed down stairs, stamped on and grabbed by the neck.

Murray, who was convicted of three counts of rape and two of assault, was sentenced at the High Court in Glasgow.  He denied all charges.

The court heard he had repeatedly been violent to the first woman, with the attacks beginning on Christmas Day in 2012.

He raped her on Valentine’s Day in 2016 as her wrists were tied to a radiator.  The crimes happened at different addresses in Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire.

The second woman was raped between August 2018 and August 2019. Murray was also physically violent to her, including choking her.

Jurors convicted Murray of raping the first victim as well as assaulting her to her injury.

He was convicted of two charges of raping the second woman and assaulting her to her severe injury.

Judge John McCormick also ordered Murray – who had a previous conviction for domestic assault – to be supervised for two years on his release.

He also imposed non-harassment orders banning Murray from approaching either victim for the next 10 years.

Ronnie Renucci KC, defending, said: “Mr Murray is not an unintelligent young man. He recognises a custodial sentence is inevitable albeit he does not accept his guilt in these matters. He maintains his innocence.”

The advocate said Murray had the support of his partner and “family network”.

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