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The Democrat might have sent a reporter to this rally had they not been banned by the SNP from asking questions or speaking to elected representatives in West Dunbartonshire. What ever happened to democracy and Freedom of the Press in West Dunbartonshire?


  1. Mark my words. The SNP are the lowest form of snake oil on the planet. Parcel o’ rogues is’nae in it. Swindlers and sidewinders. The warmongering scum in the Commons? Hands soaked in imperialist blood. We are in a helluva mess with the SNP and the Labour cowards without a cause. Decades of under-investment in the real economy and another bank/finance capital crash will open the floodgates. France will look like a picnic. It’ll be like Xmas has come every day…for the fascists. Jim Sillars got these Brits in Kilts right.

    1. I find the personal attack of this comment extremely vengeful, on people belonging to an organisation dedicated to freeing Scotland from the financially punishing Union with England.

      1. Typical SNP response to a political critique. You can’t even question the SNP without being accused of…wait for it…”personal abuse.” Same cookie cutter, different day.

        For the record…no one campaigned for Independence in West Dunbartonshire more than me. Nobody wrote more letters to the local press in support than me. The Clydebank Post were begging me to slow down at one point because they couldn’t keep up. No one shifted more leaflets and other ammo than me. No idea how many meetings I attended. I was a steward at Parkhall Library on Referendum day…from 7am-8pm. McCafferty arrived to call it a day. I knew we’d won. 90% turnout, 55% win.

        Anyone who knows me knows I am a Marxist. Marxists do class politics. We have bigger fish to fry than wasting time on this “personal abuse” malarkey.

        The UK is capitalist…that’s the problem. Nothing to do with “England.” How are SNP going to free Scots from that? The SNP are as capitalist and as ruling class and imperialist as the rest. Come Independence they intend to join NATO, the EU and the “special relationship” with the US. As members of the UN they will vote for the US and their Empire. No “meaty stuff” here Bill. Have you heard the SNP in the Commons…..gunning for Assad and the Russians and Venezuela to keep their US friends and their regime change operations sweet? Who is the warmongering imperialist coloniser now? Gospel. They haven’t got a parking ticket to pin on Assad. But they bought all of the lies about the Douma Chemical Weapons attack April 2018 and supported the missile strikes launched by US/UK/France. Gospel. The OPCW has provided cover for false flag atrocities in Syria on an industrial scale….and the SNP are backing the proxy forces behind it. For sure, I didn’t come this far to be beat by liars, thieves and killers.

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