Dear Editor,

Cllr Bollan and Dumbarton and Alexandria libraries. Pictures by Bill Heaney

More cuts in jobs and services coming from the SNP Council with their latest attacks on the Library and Leisure Services across West Dunbartonshire.

Over £300,000 to be cut from these services with a minimum of 12 jobs to be cut along with more Zero Hour Contracts and Seasonal Contracts to be introduced.

These proposals will be discussed at the Corporate Services Committee on Wednesday, November 13.

A race to the bottom from the SNP Council who are determined to make all our services “full cost recovery” without adding in the community benefits these services provide for local people many of who suffer isolation and are disenfranchised.

Many of our services require to be subsidised Libraries & Leisure are only two of them and these should continue to be supported from the Council Tax.

The Joint Trades Unions have a demo on November 27 at 5pm before the next full Council Meeting in Dumbarton. Support the anti cuts message. No more job losses or cuts to public services.

Cllr Jim Bollan,  Community Party, West Dunbartonshire.

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