Scottish Labour’s Jean Anne Mitchell wants elderly’s TV licences protected

Mitchell JA with J Corbyn

Jean Anne Mitchell with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

By Democrat reporter

Jean Anne Mitchell was born in Dumbarton and raised in Clydebank so she has a good understanding of the many challenges facing our area.

Firstly, she was a maxillofacial nurse at West of Scotland plastic surgery unit, dealing with  broken jaws, cheekbones, noses and so on. She also worked at Vale of Leven on-call.

Currently Jean Anne is a business development consultant working on projects enabling access to Partnership Support for Regeneration.

She said: “Over the years my business life has been assisting developing businesses to access profitable markets they had perhaps not earlier considered.This included being a consultant to Scottish Enterprise National High Growth Team.

“Recently, I spent six months working at the Scottish Parliament working closely with the Convener of Housing Committee Pauline McNeill MSP.

“Pauline also facilitated other committees including one affecting people suffering from Chrohns and Collitis – a debilitating disease that affects so many families.

“Since GE 2017, I have worked closely with Clydebank Joint Trades Council supporting  our key services Council, NHS, Education and Fire Service as they have protested about dangerous cuts to our vital everyday services. “

She added: “I continue to fight for better maternity services and at the NHS Annual Review, I challenged Jeane Freeman, Cabinet Secretary for Health, over baby deaths caused by hospital acquired infection in Glasgow maternity hospitals.

“Very sick  babies born prematurely who survived difficult births but tragically and avoidably died shamefully because of hospital acquired infection.  I insisted publicly on reviewing the audit trail which resulted in a number of staff being screened and placed on gardening leave.  Why was that no immediately done?”

Jean Anne lives with her mother,  Mary Lyden, in Clydebank at least  four days a week while her family continues to live in Inverclyde.

She said: “I am a strong advocate for elderly people within our community and fight hard to ensure people receive the services they need to be safe at home despite the cuts imposed by a punitive West Dunbartonshire SNP Council.

“I continue to work closely with St Margaret of Scotland Hospice and led a Petition to the Scottish Parliament in relation to disparity of funding.”

Her campaign organiser, Craig Edward, said: “Jean Anne feels that her life experiences will stand her in good stead in becoming the MP for West Dunbartonshire.  Her over-riding concern is how families cope under Tory and SNP austerity.”

With Labour’s ambitious, transformational manifesto, the people of West Dunbartonshire will benefit immensely from new jobs, higher wages, increased spending on our NHS, new homes, better quality existing homes, education, and early years provisions.

Ensuring over 75’s don’t pay the BBC Licence Fee is also an area close to Jean Anne’s heart as she helps her elderly grandmother four days per week in Linnvale, Clydebank, and has her family home where her children live in Inverclyde.

Jean Anne has fully committed to permanently moving back to West Dunbartonshire if elected as MP.

Jean Anne became a first-time grandmother only two weeks ago and is determined to see a better future for all children to benefit from.  If you share the same vision, hopes, and aspirations as Jean Anne then please vote for Labour at this General Election.

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