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Carers neglected disabled man by leaving him naked in bath for 21 hours

Headquarters of Glasgow’s SNP-run Council.

BBC Scotland is reporting that two carers have admitted leaving a disabled man naked and stuck in a bath for up to 21 hours.

Scott Sloan, 46, and Paul Campbell, 54, failed to help Andrew McKinnell at his home in Carntyne, Glasgow, in November last year.

The disabled 55-year-old, who has the mental capacity of a six-year-old, had slipped and could not get out.

Sloan had phoned supervisor Campbell for advice but was told to leave Mr McKinnell where he was, a court heard.

Sloan, who had cared for Mr McKinnell for 18 months, then went to sleep while still on duty.

Mr McKinnell was only rescued when Campbell later turned up and alerted a fellow supervisor.

At Glasgow Sheriff Court, the pair pleaded guilty to the wilful neglect of Mr McKinnell, who needs round-the-clock care.

‘Callous and despicable’

Sloan was charged with failing to provide assistance to exit the bath, failing to provide blanket or clothing while Mr McKinnell was trapped in the bath, and retiring to bed, leaving the victim unsupervised for 17 hours.

Campbell was charged with instructing Sloan as his supervisor to leave the victim in the bath and advising his colleague to retire to bed leaving the victim there.

Sloan was ordered to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work and Campbell 240 hours.

Sheriff Valerie Mays said: “I think it goes without saying that this is an awful offence and the behaviour towards a vulnerable man is nothing short of despicable.

“It must have been obvious to you after a certain amount of time that he needed assistance and you left that man in the bath.

“It must have been a very frightening experience for him and your behaviour was callous.”

Went to sleep

The court heard that Sloan had been on shift when Mr McKinnell went for a shower at 17:30.

Prosecutor Graham MacDonald said: “Mr McKinnell became unbalanced and fell, sliding back down the wall before coming to rest at a seated position.

“Sloan was of the opinion that Mr McKinnell lost his balance and had fallen.

“Mr McKinnell said he wanted to get out the bath and he didn’t receive any assistance to do that.”

Sloan called Campbell, who was on a day off. The court heard he was told to leave Mr McKinnell in the bath.

Sloan then went to sleep at midnight, abandoning the man overnight.

Campbell arrived the next day at 10:00 and initially called NHS 24.

Four hours later, a 999 call was made for Mr McKinnell and an ambulance arrived at 14:30 – 21 hours after he fell in the bath.

After being lifted out, Mr McKinnell was taken to hospital.

The court heard that he had bruising on his back but was otherwise unharmed physically.

‘He should have intervened’

Sloan, from Dennistoun and Campbell, from Bridgeton, both in Glasgow, were then arrested.

Sloan claimed: “I thought I was doing the right thing by contacting Paul Campbell and taking his advice.”

He no longer works as a carer and has a job in the whisky trade.

His lawyer Kevin McCarron said: “He fell asleep and this is why he pled guilty. Leaving a man in the bath falls short of the expected standards.

“He accepts that after an hour or two he should have intervened.”

Billy Lavelle, defending Campbell, said he was now unemployed.

Mr Lavelle said: “He was off duty, looking after his grandson and relaxing. Part of his responsibilities is to take out-of-hours calls.

“He technically was not on duty as he was not out in the community working, but he made a bad judgement call.

“He is ashamed and horrified by his actions.”

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