Santa - Willie_Rennie_at_Santa_Dash

Willie Rennie, the Scottish Liberal leader, has a go at SNP record in Government.

By Democrat reporter

After taking part in the Glasgow charity Santa Dash, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie said:  “The only reason that the SNP want to talk about Brexit is because their domestic agenda is truly abysmal.

“Hundreds of children are waiting far too long for mental health treatment, the third Police Authority chair in three years has resigned and we are falling down the international education rankings. 

“This Christmas, the SNP deserve a lump of coal for the way they’ve mishandled these services. Our teachers, nurses and police officers are working hard day in day out but they don’t get the support they deserve from an SNP government which has independence on the brain.

“If you want to make the SNP take an independence referendum off the table, vote Liberal Democrat on 12th December.”

Campaign Chair Alex Cole-Hamilton said: “The values of equality must come before party political gain. 

“The Liberal Democrats have very clearly ruled out partnering with Jeremy Corbyn because of his failure to address serious and distressing cases of anti-Semitism within the Labour Party. 

“Nicola Sturgeon acted swiftly to remove and suspend members who had used anti-Semitic language. She must now explain why she is willing to be part of a pact to put Jeremy Corbyn into power when he has not rooted out anti-Semitism in the same fashion, even when presented with it. 

“There are serious questions to be answered about how the SNP could consider partnering with a Corbyn led Labour party who have failed to act on anti-Semitism for years and have left Jewish communities across the UK in a state of anxiety.

“The Liberal Democrats will always fight for a fair and equal society for all, free from racism and hatred.” 

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