Millionaires own our newspapers, and even the locals have foreign owners

Millions got “played”.

Every time you buy a copy of
1. “THE SUN” (owned by Rupert Murdoch, personal wealth over $21.5 BILLION),
2. “THE DAILY MAIL” (owned by Jonathan Harmsworth, 4th Viscount of Rothermere, personal wealth well over £1 BILLION),
3. “THE EXPRESS” (owned by Richard Desmond, personal wealth over £2.6 BILLION) or
4. “THE TELEGRAPH” (owned by The Barclay Brothers, personal wealth over £8 BILLION),
YOU are PAYING a MULTI-BILLIONAIRE NOT for the factual “NEWS”, but instead you are PAYING THEM so they can TELL you what THEY want you to BELIEVE, so that THEY can exploit you to make themselves even richer, by taking action against your own interest.

They really don’t give a damn about you unless you are in their elite super rich circles, they are completely out of touch with the lives of anyone except the richest 0.1% of people, & they only care about their own money. They ALL wanted you to vote Tory, or at least not Labour, so that they can continue to avoid paying tax in the UK with the legal loopholes the Tories allow/turn a blind eye to. They are so unpatriotic that NONE of them even lives in the UK, or bases their companies in the UK, so they can avoid paying any money in taxes to the public purse that pays for everything our country needs. Do you still trust anything these corrupt far right wing multi-billionaires say? Time to switch to a new newspaper which actually has independent journalists that report news based on provable facts, rather than far right wing hate fuelled propaganda?

Let’s not forget the Herald, which is owned by Newsquest, the Record and Lennox Herald, which is owner by Reach PLC and the and the Reporter, Clydebank Post and Helensburgh Advertiser, which are owned by foreign multi-nationals.
Bill caricature by Stevie Conroy* The Dumbarton Democrat is privately owned by Bill and Bernie Heaney of Heaneymedia and all its services are free to readers and community groups.  And despite what the undemocratic SNP say, we are entirely independent of any political party. We take funds from no one, while these big groups squeeze the last few pence out of Scotland’s political parties, public bodies and businesses for advertising. All community and charity advertising in The Democrat goes FREE. Isn’t it time for West Dunbartonshire Council to come into the digital age and support The Democrat, which provides independent coverage of local events and articles of interest to local people?
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