dORRIAN 1Grace Payne-Kumar with Lord Justice Clerk, Lady Dorrian.

By Bill Heaney

Scottish Portrait Awards are proud to announce that  21-year-old Grace Payne-Kumar’s selection for the SPA 2019 exhibition has won her the commission to paint the official portrait of Lady Dorrian.

Lady Dorrian is the Lord Justice Clerk, the second most senior judge in Scotland, and the first woman to be appointed in that role. The portrait will likely be on show in Edinburgh for hundreds of years.

The photographs here show Grace with Lady Dorrian at the exhibition, Grace with Sara Cameron McBean, the SPA Coordinator, and the portrait of Niccolo that won Grace her commission.   Also, Grace Payne-Kumar with Lady Dorrian and the 2019 SPA Catalogue. Photographs by Phoebe Grigor

Lady Dorrian has been an advocate since 1981, and a judge since 2002. After three years as a temporary judge, she became a Judge of the Supreme Courts of Scotland in 2005.  She is the first woman to serve as Lord Justice Clerk, and at the time of her appointment was one of only nine women out of 31 judges in Scotland.  She became a member of The Management Board of The Aberdeen Law Project in 2010.

Delighted – Grace with Sara Cameron McBean and that winning portrait of Niccolo.


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