Baillie 10By Paul Cassidy

Richard Branson’s Virgin Money, owners of the Clydesdale Bank, have announced that the Dumbarton high street branch will close its doors on the 5th May 2020.

This is the second bank this year to close its’ branch in Dumbarton, the first being the TSB. Clydesdale customers will now be forced to travel to Clydebank just to use the nearest local branch, over nine miles away.

Local MSP for Dumbarton, the Vale and Helensburgh, Jackie Baillie, left,  said:  “This is deeply disappointing news, yet another local bank is leaving our high street.

“Local people are being forced to use internet and telephone banking, which for some older or more vulnerable people, can be difficult.

“I’m concerned about the impact this closure will have on the banks most vulnerable users, the staff, and our high street.

“Staff and customers need to be supported through this transition and I want an assurance from the Clydesdale Bank that measures will be put in place to support them.

“I look forward to meeting Clydesdale Bank officials soon. I hope that they won’t press ahead with the closure.”

The Clydesdale Bank’s branches in Helensburgh and Vale of Leven have already closed their doors.

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