Education Secretary John Swinney and Jackie Baillie MSP.

By Paul Cassidy

Official statistics released quietly by the Scottish Government last week shows a continued further decline in Scotland’s education system.

The statistics show pupils exam performance has fallen by up to 10%, with 1,515 fewer pupils passing their Higher English Exam,  a reduction of 5.5% on the previous year and the lowest number since 2014. In Higher Maths the pass rate declined for the first time since 2014 by 2.1% and in Higher History the pass rate dropped by 14.6% overall.

Local Dumbarton MSP Jackie Baillie says this is further proof that after 13 years of mismanagement and neglect Scotland’s Education system is heading into terminal decline under the SNP Scottish Government.

The MSP for Dumbarton, Vale of Leven, Helensburgh & Lomond, Jackie Baillie said:  “Since taking power in 2007, over a decade ago, the SNP has presided over a continual decline in the quality of education in Scotland.  John Swinney has been in denial over the situation and the significant issues facing Scotland’s education system.  This analysis, sneaked out late at night last week,  shows that the problems are indeed real, and that the SNP government must finally face up to them.

“The report’s findings make the upcoming full review of Curriculum for Excellence, including broad general education and the senior phase, absolutely crucial. Education was supposed to be the Government’s top priority, and yet pupils are missing out on opportunities to study a greater breadth of subjects at school and we see a year on year decline in pupil performance.

“I have been clear that any review must be comprehensive and look at the wider issues facing education in Scotland, including the impact of multi-level teaching, exam related attainment trends, not least the year on year fall in Higher pass rates and also investigate how the three-year BGE impacts on subject choice which is reducing both enrolments and numbers of subjects studied by each pupil in certain subject areas.

“The Education Secretary must now face up to the problems caused by years of mismanagement of education, and confirm that the review will encompass these falls in attainment. We owe it to the young people in Dumbarton, Vale of Leven,  Helensburgh and Lomond that they have an education system which gives them the best start in life.”

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