Urgent Update – Care at Home Services

Update on Care at Home Services

Unison have met with managers and the meeting was constructive.

All parties understand the seriousness of the emergency situation we are facing and agreed that your safety is priority.

We know that this is a stressful time for everyone, and we are grateful for the work our members are doing. We are with you every step of the way.

There have been issues with Personal Protective Equipment and assurances have been made PPE will be available.

A rolling order has been placed to ensure this does not run out.

Hand sanitiser will be delivered in large containers and staff will be issued with small bottles to be topped up at designated areas along with other PPE.

Please contact your line manager if you are having any issues with PPE.

For every client you should have gloves and an apron. Where there is a CONFIRMED case ,this will be reviewed by Public Health.

If the case is deemed safe enough for you to visit you WILL be issued with additional PPE including a filter mask. Check Public Health Guidelines on what PPE must be available.

Where you encounter a SUSPECTED case where the client is showing symptoms which you have not been made aware of ahead of visit you should leave the client and inform you line manager immediately.

Clients with symptoms but are not diagnosed but have been audited and deemed safe Carers should be supplied with a filter mask.

If you fall into any of the categories advised not to attend work (pregnancy, underlying condition or over 70) or you or someone in your household is showing symptoms and you need to isolate but can work from home you may be asked to support other tasks.

If you have childcare issues or other restrictions where you can work but not your particular shift or hours you should work with your line manager to see if there is anything you can do to support the running of the service.

Carers will be sent updates on a daily basis however we would advise everyone to check online at the following links:

Public Health Scotland


Council Website

Unison Website

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