An extraordinary welcome for Mary’s Meals in South Sudan

Mary's Meals with Magnus

Dear Editor,
I have received some incredible welcomes in my time with Mary’s Meals, but nothing quite like this.
I climbed out of our small plane into a wall of heat, dust and… singing. Loud singing. The voices of children all around us – thousands of them – holding colourful posters saying ‘Welcome’ and ‘Thank you, Mary’s Meals’. I was amazed.
This extraordinary welcome reflects the huge value placed on Mary’s Meals here. The meals we provide – that you provide – are a lifeline for the agonised people of South Sudan, where more than 60% of the population suffer crisis levels of food security. Even in this country, which has already suffered so much, these levels of hunger are appalling.
I am not sure there is any country on earth that suffers as much as South Sudan. And I am not sure if there is anywhere where our meals mean so much. I wish each one of you could have heard the singing, felt the joy and received the heartfelt thanks from so many grateful people.
To visit them was a privilege and I pass every ‘thank you’ I heard on to you now – hoping that you understand the enormity of your gifts, hoping you know that because of you, hope is now present. And that hope is not just a sentimental notion, but something very real.
So we go on. With your help we can reach the next hungry school, and our meals and the hope they bring may soon be welcomed with yet more heartfelt songs of joy.
Thank you,
Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow
Founder of Mary’s Meals

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