The Drumtartan Democrat’s investigative team have been working hard to establish whether, given the fact that he has made so many bad decisions as leader of the SNP group on West Dunbartonshire Council, the party have decided, as they have done with so many of their policy bloomers, to keep Cllr Jonathan McColl out of sight on the campaign trail for Martin Docherty Hughes, the SNP candidate at the General Election on December 12. The secretive SNP, not that they have much new to say worth reporting, have banned and boycotted The Democrat, and have published this picture in which McColl has photo-bombed the candidate with a genuine supporter. That is McColl on the left of the picture having concealed his identity with a blue-tassled toorie, dark glasses and a beard. Aren’t you absolutely delighted that McColl is not the SNP candidate on Thursday?  Sadly for the SNP, and for the rest of us, you will need to wait until the next local government elections to vote him off the council. The SNP could, of course, consign him to the back benches any time they like. It should be soon.

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