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Kirk logoChurch of Scotland statement on General Election:  The Rev Dr Richard Frazer, convener of the Kirk’s Church and Society Council said:  “This General Election has been one of the most challenging of modern times, with the UK poised on the brink of exiting from the EU. The political log jam of the last few years has not been so much a failure of parliament to move forward, but more of a reflection of the way in which the country has been divided almost down the middle over the issue of Brexit.

“Now that there is a clear path forward and an opportunity for the process of Brexit to begin, it will take many more months of negotiation and disentangling properly to “get Brexit done”.

“In the process, we believe that the polarisation of the country over the last few years will not be readily healed and many people throughout the UK will feel that their voice has not been heard. The patterns of voting we have seen across the country reflect the reality that many people feel let down and frustrated that a country of such wealth as ours still has poverty and many struggle to make ends meet. With the country so closely split, and the people of Scotland having voted so very differently, much remains unresolved.

“It will require considerable grace, generosity and humility on the part of the government to bring the nation together.

“But more importantly, our world is facing the threat of climate change. It will require not just an act of political will but the renewal of our spiritual values to address this. And we call on the new government to work for healing, justice and fairness for all, especially the poorest in our own communities and throughout the world, who always suffer the most. The Church is about hope and we will work with all who seek to nourish hope.”

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