MG ALBA welcomes four new board appointments

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Rhoda MacDonald, appointed

By Liam O’Heanai

MG ALBA said today that it is delighted that broadcasting regulators, Ofcom, has announced four appointments to its board.
Lisa Annette, Rhoda MacDonald and Iain MacMillan will take up their roles on 1 January 2020 and Ceit-Anna MacLeod will join the Board on 1 May 2020.
All four have been appointed for terms of four years.

MG ALBA’s chair, Allan MacDonald, welcomed the news, saying: “I am delighted to welcome these four very talented individuals to join the MG ALBA board beginning in the New Year.

“As a team we will have very significant challenges to overcome in the next five years, including funding, technology, and distribution amongst other broadcasting hurdles.

“It’s a time of great challenge and change as we approach 100 years of Gaelic broadcasting in 2023, and it is our job to ensure high quality multi-platform content distribution in collaboration with our BBC partners.

“Let us be clear that the expectations of our young people have never been higher.

“Our new board colleagues will help us in pursuit of the answers we believe are needed to the mounting challenges and risks that Gaelic media faces. They – like all of us – have a big part to play.”

MG ALBA is the body responsible for ensuring that high-quality television programmes in Gaelic are made available to people in Scotland.

Ofcom’s recommendation for the appointments has been agreed by John Swinney MSP, Scotland’s Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills. This follows an independent selection process by Ofcom in Scotland.

The new members are:

Lisa Annette

Lisa is a fluent Gaelic speaker, hailing from Mallaig, and is a graduate of Sabhal Mòr Ostaig. She is a digital content producer with 12 years of experience in broadcast TV and film production. Lisa started her career with the content team at MG ALBA prior to the launch of BBC ALBA in 2008. Since leaving MG ALBA in 2013, she has worked in production both internationally and in the independent Gaelic sector.

Rhoda Macdonald

Rhoda MacDonald

Rhoda was born and brought up on the Isle of Lewis and is a native Gaelic speaker. Her career in broadcasting, both on screen and in production, eventually led to Rhoda becoming a senior member of STV’s management team. As Head of Gaelic at STV, Rhoda was responsible for the creation of a range of TV programmes including Speaking Our Language, the long-running series which she produced and presented.  In 2003, she was appointed Special Adviser to then-Secretary of State for Scotland, Helen Liddell, before becoming a communications and campaigns consultant. Rhoda is currently a senior director at Hanover Communications.

Iain Macmillan

Iain Macmillan

Iain Macmillan is a native Gaelic speaker, born and raised in South Uist. He currently lives and works in Stornoway. An accountant by profession, Iain has spent his working life in the public sector, with service in local government, the police service, college and university sectors.  Iain has been Principal and Chief Executive of Lews Castle College UHI since January 2012. He has undertaken representative roles at regional and national level in the college sector, and within the University of the Highlands and Islands.

Ceit-Anna MacLeod

Ceit-Anna MacLeod

Ceit-Anna was brought up on the Isle of Lewis and is a native Gaelic speaker. She lives and works in Edinburgh as a lawyer, and was called to the Scottish bar in 2012. Prior to her legal career, Ceit-Anna worked in Gaelic television and radio. Aside from her practice as an Advocate, she is a trustee of a relationship counselling charity.


** MG ALBA a’ cur fàilte bhlàth air buill ùra
Tha MG ALBA fìor thoilichte gu bheil Ofcom air innse an-diugh gun deach ceathrar bhall ùra a shuidheachadh air bòrd MG ALBA.

Tòisichidh Lisa Annette, Rhoda NicDhòmhnaill agus Iain Mac a’ Mhaolain air 1 Faoilleach 2020 agus Ceit-Anna NicLeòid air 1 Cèitean 2020. Bidh gach neach suidhichte airson ceithir bliadhna.

Tha fiosrachadh-beatha nam ball ùra ri fhaotainn san fhios-labhairt aig Ofcom.

Chuir cathraiche MG ALBA Ailean Dòmhnullach fàilte air an naidheachd: “Tha mi air leth toilichte fàilte a chur air a’ cheathrar sàr-thàlantach seo gu Bòrd MG ALBA a’ tòiseachadh sa Bhliadhn’ Ùir. Mar sgioba tha dùbhlain romhainn sa chòig bliadhna air thoiseach mu thimcheall maoineachaidh, teicneòlais agus sgaoilidh a thuilleadh air cnapan-starraidh eile an lùib craoladh.

“’S e àm mòr-dhùbhlain agus mòr-atharrachaidh a th’ ann agus sinn a’ teannadh dlùth ri 100 bliadhna de chraoladh Gàidhlig ann an 2023, agus ’s e ar n-obair dèanamh cinnteach gu bheil susbaint ioma-ùrlair de dh’àrd-chàileachd air a sgaoileadh ann an co-obrachadh le ar com-pàirtichean am BBC.

“Feumaidh sinn a bhith mothachail nach robh dùilean dhaoine òga a-riamh cho àrd ’s a tha iad a-nis.

“Cuidichidh ar buill ùra ann a bhith a’ sireadh nam freagairtean air a bheil feum gus faighinn seachad air na dùbhlain agus na riosgan a tha mu choinneimh nam meadhanan Gàidhlig. Bidh pàirt mhòr acasan – mar a th’ aig a h-uile duine againn – ri choileanadh.”

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