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Baillie describes Labour result as ‘catastrophic’

Commenting on the 2019 General Election, Jackie Baillie, MSP for Dumbarton, said: “This election was nothing short of catastrophic for the Labour Party across the United Kingdom. We failed to have a clear position on the two biggest constitutional issues facing our communities – Brexit and Scottish independence.  Clearly Jeremy Corbyn needs to resign. If our Party is to survive we need to take a long hard look at ourselves and the verdict of voters. We must learn the lessons that we failed to address from the 2017 General Election and 2019 EU election. To the thousands of communities across Scotland and the rest of the UK who are in desperate need of a progressive, compassionate government, Labour should apologise for letting them down.”


  1. The backstabbing by the right-wing in the LP supported by the MSM was relentless on Jeremy Corbyn who put forward the most progressive manifesto in my lifetime. An honest principled consistent Socialist.

  2. Labour have been the collective authors of their own destruction. Don’t apologise to the likes of me….or for the tens of millions of lives you wrecked from here to Kabul. It’s too late for that.

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